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In this lesson
-Explore some basics of the practice of yoga
-Get started with tips from an expert
-Learn four yoga poses
-Understand the benefits of yoga practice for children - kids and teens.
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Extension activities
-Can you add YOGA to your sports conditioning routine?
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Yoga - Some Useful Links

By Amitabha Deb

Keywords: yoga, yoga for kids and teens, self confidence, self esteem, yoga poses, yoga mind, ancient practice, sports conditioning, body awareness, Patanjali, books about yoga for kids and teens


The official web site of B. K. S. Iyengar yoga

The online edition of the Yoga Journal

This site has animations of yoga postures, stress poses and breathing techniques, as well as many articles about yoga

The website of the Radiant Child yoga program – the section “Try Yoga Now” describes yoga poses for children in fun ways

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Dr. Amitabha Deb, Expert on Yoga for Children: Dr. Deb is a 200 Hours Yoga Alliance teacher trainee and a certified Children’s Yoga Trainer. His email is He is a Biomedical Scientist by profession.


Updated March 2011