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In this lesson
-Explore some basics of the practice of yoga
-Get started with tips from an expert
-Learn four yoga poses
-Understand the benefits of yoga practice for children - kids and teens.
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-Can you add YOGA to your sports conditioning routine?
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Yoga for Kids and Teens

By Amitabha Deb

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The word Yoga means to join or unite. According to Patanjali, yoga is the means by which our mind can be made still, quiet and free from all distractions.

Yoga is an ancient science practiced in India. Nobody knows its origins but the history goes back more than 5000 years. Over time many wise men walked the great path of yoga. Each one of them left their own landmarks for us to follow. So it is a collective experience of people for many thousands of  years. These wise men, termed as yogis were like children. Everything fascinated them: shining stars, tall mountains, flowing rivers, beautiful birds ----- even little grasshoppers. They lived close to nature. Truth, non-violence, honesty, self-discipline and simplicity were the roots of their life. 

Originally yoga techniques were passed down from teacher to student through word of mouth. These techniques had never been written down until Sage Patanjali wrote about yoga in a systematic way. We consider him as the founder of yoga and he lived around 200 BC. Patanjali grew up to be an extraordinary man, renowned for his learning and wisdom. He was the author of three brilliant works. One was on Sanskrit grammar; the second was a work on ancient Indian medicine, Ayurveda and the third and most important was on yoga. It is called Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. In this brief work, containing only 196 sayings, Patanjali clearly explained what yoga was. 

Swami Vivekananda added to the spread of yoga by bringing it to America. In 1893, he addressed the parliament of World religions and discussed the path of yoga. As a result of his speech, it began to blossom as a practice in many areas of the country. Yoga has since gained major popularity in United States.





Dr. Amitabha Deb, Expert on Yoga for Children: Dr. Deb is a 200 Hours Yoga Alliance teacher trainee and a certified Children’s Yoga Trainer. His email is He is a Biomedical Scientist by profession.


Updated March 2011