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Republic Day - The President's Bodyguard


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The President's Bodyguard

The President's Bodyguard, as it is known today, was raised in 1773 at Benares, by the then Governor-General, Warren Hastings.  Their name was changed to The Presidentís Bodyguard on 26th January 1950, with India's declaration as a Republic.  Today this is a small body of men comprising of four officers,14 JCOs and 161 Bodyguards-men backed up by administrative support personnel, an establishment which has not changed much in the last century.   Equipped with armoured cars, its men are also trained for operational duties, both as tankmen and airborne troops in addition to their ceremonial role.  The Presidentís Bodyguard has the unique distinction being, the only military unit the Indian Army, privileged to carry the President's Silver Trumpet and Trumpet Banner.

Horses of The Presidentís Bodyguard are bay in color, except that for the Regimental Trumpeter, who traditionally is always mounted on a Grey Charger. They are required to be of a minimum height of 157.5cms, measured at the shoulder, and are the only horses in the Indian Army, permitted to wear full manes, like their counterparts of the household Cavalry in Britain.  

The 'Mechanical Mounts" of the PBG have been various Daimler and Humber Armoured Cars, equipped with 2 pounder and 37 mm cannon and machine guns respectively, the indigenous Nissan Scout Car and Currently the BTR 60 armored vehicles.

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Last reviewed December 2010


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