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Republic Day Lesson Plan@Home


Try These Activites with your Child Using the LInks in this Lesson

Watch- Listen-Think-Ask-Play

Watch and Listen

  watchWatch the video with your child look at the uniforms, decorations on the floats, the different kinds of people taking part in the Parade.  Let your child scroll through the slides did you see the pictures of the brave children riding on the elephants? 

listen Listen to the radio broadcast of the first Republic Day on BBC radio.

Think and Ask

  think  Think about the first Republic Day as you listen to the radio broadcast.

ask  Ask When did this happen?  What was India like then?  How can we find out more about that time?  How old was grandfather or grandmother at that time? Ask them where they were and what they were doing that day.


Here are some questions you might ask your child: 

Why are parades important?  Why do we have parades?


Your child might ask you: 

I live far from India should I still care about this parade?



playPlan your own parade: Plan a parade to celebrate something important to you or to your family how will you show things that are important to you?

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