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In this lesson
-Explore your roots
-Understand your family history
-Learn about your family members
-Prompt discussion about your culture, religion and family

Video Resources

Extension activities
-Think about yourself - how do you think you reflect your family values and expectations?
-Create your own family tree.  Share it with others in your family.

My Family Stories Tools and Guides

Keywords: Family stories, family history, family tree, shared memories, immigration, migration, intergenerational communication, traditions, values, culture, heritage, respect for elders, race, family origin, shared history, multicultural families

Ages 8 to 12

Download  My Family Stories Workbook here.  This is a ten page workbook that you can print out and your child can fill in.  Each page is a guide for asking questions and collecting stories. Your child can decorate each page with pictures, photographs and even mementos. This workbook was created by the Teach India Project.

Ages 12 and Up

There are guidelines for interviewing and collecting family stories at the following links:

A question of ethics:  For an older child there are some guidelines to keep in mind about asking questions and conducting interviews respectfully  

Build a family album for your family

Collecting family stories:  Interview questions for older kids

How To Collect Your Own Family Folklore

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Updated September 2011