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In this lesson
-Explore your roots
-Understand your family history
-Learn about your family members
-Prompt discussion about your culture, religion and family

Video Resources

Extension activities
-Think about yourself - how do you think you reflect your family values and expectations?
-Create your own family tree.  Share it with others in your family.

My Family Stories

Keywords: Family stories, family history, family tree, shared memories, immigration, migration, intergenerational communication, traditions, values, culture, heritage, respect for elders, race, family origin, shared history, multicultural families

When we listen to a story told by an older person we

  • honor that person's experience, knowledge, and wisdom
  • let them give their favorite memories to us and we
  • connect with history 

That when we share stories with an older person, it

  • helps increase understanding between the two age groups
  • allows us both to benefit from each other's perceptions and skills
  • helps remove myths and stereotypes about age, race, culture, or disability

  • My Family Stories Get Started  Suggestions and hints to help you collect your family stories

  • Download My Family Stories - a workbook  Workbook for children 8-12 from the Teach India Project to fill in, color, write in and get to know their family's own unique story.

  • Tools and Guides  Links to useful guidelines about doing interviews, being ethical and sensitive and thinking about questions to ask.

  • Make A Family Tree Links to two tools for creating charts of family trees. For ages 8-12 and for older age groups.



Updated September 2011