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In this lesson
- Explore aspects of the monsoon in India,
- understand the importance of the monsoon to the very existence of the people,
- it's place in the culture and
- some of the current issues in it's management on the macro scale and
- in day to day life in rural and urban India.
Video Resources
Assam Floods October 2012 - Children Suffer the Most

Assam's Boat Clinics
Extension activities

Teacher Guide for extension activities and curriculum connections
More Extension Activities
-Climate Challenge Game:  A game where you are president of the European Nations. You must tackle climate change and stay popular enough with the voters to remain in office.  
-The science behind Climate Challenge


Keywords India climate, monsoon, southwest monsoon, retreating monsoon, big dams, Sardar Sarovar Dam, drought, climate change, water security, greenhouse effect, water management, economic scarcity of water

"The fate of India is bound head and tail to the course of the monsoon...." more
"With alpine conditions, arid deserts and tropical regions, Indiaís climate is as varied as itís landscape. The summer monsoon marks the most important event in the economic calendar of rural India. Over 70% of the annual precipitation falls between the months of June and September and a good monsoon heralds a bountiful harvest and financial security. But when monsoons fail, or are excessive, suffering and economic loss can be widespread."  more

"Three-quarters of India's annual rainfall comes from the summer monsoons that occur between June and September... The agricultural sector lies at the core of Indian society. Sixty percent of the population works in agriculture, and it accounts for roughly a fifth of the country's gross domestic product"   more

  • Introduction

    The monsoon brings the rain of life and death across India and the sub-continent's well being is completely tied to it.  This lesson collates informational resources about the track of the monsoon, issues that result from too much or too little rain, and invite the student to explore these interactive themes through a Web Quest and challenge them to think critically and thoughtfully about these interconnected issues.

  • Tracking the Monsoon across India

    Track and measure progress of the southwest monsoon and of the withdrawing monsoon with this data and chart intensive section of the website of the Indian Meterological Department

    e.g. Maps showing typical advance and withdrawal dates of the monsoon across India from the above source.

  • Monsoon Web Quest Challenge

    This is a Web Quest Challenge for students to explore many aspects of the monsoon in India, begin to understand the importance of the monsoon to the very existence of the people, its place in the culture and some of the current issues in its management on the macro scale in the day to day lives in rural and urban areas.  Click here

    Key words here are flood, drought, water shortage, big dams, climate change, water management, drinking water.

  • Monsoon further reading,
    Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change  and based on them, the vibrant resource: Vital Climate Graphics with the information presented in graphs and visuals.

    Too Much Too Little Water:  an interactive ebook


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Updated February 2013