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In this lesson
-Explore your roots
-Understand your family history
-Learn about your family members
-Prompt discussion about your culture, religion and family

Video Resources

Extension activities
-Think about yourself - how do you think you reflect your family values and expectations?
-Create your own family tree.  Share it with others in your family.

Make a Family Tree

Keywords: Family stories, family history, family tree, shared memories, immigration, migration, intergenerational communication, traditions, values, culture, heritage, respect for elders, race, family origin, shared history, multicultural families

Here are two Family Trees that you can download and use for free.  Use them to make charts of your family tree for yourself and to share with others in your family.

For Family Ties Grow A Tree (Ages 8-12)

There is an online version that you can print.

And, there is a downloadable version that you can save and add to over time.  Adult help is required to download the family tree.

America 1900 Family Tree Builder (Ages 12 and Up)

Download this free application (in either Windows or Macintosh versions) from this website.

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Updated September 2011