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In this lesson
-Discover basic aspects of cricket.
-Learn the rules of the game.
-Acquaint yourself with the vocabulary of the game - whcih is probably more complicated than the game itself.
Extension activities
-What is your favorite sport?  Can you describe the aim and main features of the game in only 2 or 3 sentences?
-If a friend did not know anything about your favorite sport, how would you try to get your friend interested in it?
Explore Further
Books about cricket for children:  Stories, fiction, rules, learning skills, coaching and famous players.

An article:  Why You Should Care About Cricket
from ESPN

Cricket: Not Just a Stick and Ball Game

Download a PDF of this article here


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Essential Questions:

1.    Describe instances when a sporting event is more than entertainment to the audience.

2.    Should we keep politics out of sports?

3.    Can you think of games or tournaments where sports became a proxy fight for social justice?

4.    If sports are so influential, what responsibilities must teams and athletes assume?  Is this fair on them?

5.    Have you watched movies, TV programs or other media about sports or set in the world of sports? Which were most memorable and why?

Five links about Cricket: the spirit and rules of the game and much more


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Updated June 2019