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In this lesson
-Discover basic aspects of cricket.
-Learn the rules of the game.
-Acquaint yourself with the vocabulary of the game - whcih is probably more complicated than the game itself.
Extension activities
-What is your favorite sport?  Can you describe the aim and main features of the game in only 2 or 3 sentences?
-If a friend did not know anything about your favorite sport, how would you try to get your friend interested in it?
Explore Further
Books about cricket for children:  Stories, fiction, rules, learning skills, coaching and famous players.

An article:  Why You Should Care About Cricket
from ESPN

Cricket 101 - some basics

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Planning to start a cricket team?  Want to coach your own kids?  Or perhaps brush up on the rules?  Cricket, like other sports, has a rich and complicated vocabulary of its own. 

Click here to open this as a pdf

Cricket 101

And for a little more detail about the game refer to wikipedia here


Updated October 2011